To extend the life of your garment, please follow the care instruction label in your garment


General suggestions for all garments

Machine wash in cold water, max 30°

Use liquid (non soap based) washing detergent

Choose a washing program with low power spinning cycle (400 to 800 spins/min) to protect the membrane

Wash inside out 

Close all zippers and velcro straps before washing

Wash with similar colours

Do not use fabric softener, this will destroy the performance of your garment

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Dry in shade

To reactivate the DWR (durable water repellent) finish, we recommend drying garments in a drying cabinet, or ironing at low heat (not on trademark logos).

Store only clean garments


Specific suggestions for down jackets

We recommend using down detergent or washing with approximately 1/3 of recommended dose mild liquid detergent.

We recommend running an extra rinse cycle after washing to make sure that all washing detergent is removed.

Tumble dry inside out on low heat, together with at least 3 tennis balls, until the garment is completely dry.

If necessary, separate the down manually after the garment is dry. To do so, we recommend beating it gently with your hands on both the inside and outside of the garment.

To keep the insulating qualities of your down garment in the best possible condition, air the product instead of washing. Washing reduces natural oils on the down, which contribute to lofting and are naturally water repellent.

Store only clean garments in a storage bag, not a compression bag. Compressing down garments over a longer period of time will impair its insulating qualities.